Beneath The Stars - Outdoor Essentials
Woven from 100% premium merino wool, and featuring an engraved cork 'leather' tag, these beanies are unbelievably soft, temperature regulating and sweat wicking, perfect for all seasons! Engraved cork leather tags are laser engraved and hand applied in Portland OR. Engraved design is permanently burned into the cork, no inks or synthetics are used in the production of these beanies.

Our Beanies are made from 100% ethically and sustainably sourced natural materials. Discover why these are the Northwest's new favorite beanies, don't face the winter months without this timeless essential.
Safe and snug in its vacuum sealed tray is an omelet-quiche-frittata about the same size as an energy bar (or a 2001 iPod). But, unlike every other bar or mp3 player, whole organic eggs are our first ingredient! We mix in grass-fed butter, all-natural Wisconsin cheeses, spinach and cook each bar with our patent-pending process. You'll enjoy a fully cooked omelet with a long shelf-life with no refrigeration or chemical preservatives necessary! Pop your favorite in the microwave for approximately 18.263 seconds for a melty, nutritious, delicious on-the-go omelet. Or you can enjoy Scramblers® right out of the box!
    Kuju Coffee
    Our pour over coffees use 100% arabica, specialty-grade beans sourced with our Source-to-Soul™ impact philosophy in mind. It’s quality coffee that’s more than just a cup of coffee. Best enjoyed wherever you wander.

    Anchor to Mug
    Tear open the pour over filter along the perforation. Anchor it to your mug and fold the sides of the anchors backward for extra stability.

    Pour Hot Water
    Pour 200°F (just below boiling) water over the coffee and into the filter until 8-12oz of coffee is brewed, depending on how strong you like your coffee. For optimal results, pour continuously.

    Enjoy Your Coffee
    Pause a moment to appreciate that you just made a fresh cup of coffee in less than 2 minutes, then enjoy your #KujuMoment with a freshly brewed cup of pour over coffee.
    Kuju Mug
    A perfect companion for your Pocket PourOver®. Whether you're waking up in the wilderness or in the comfort of your own home, this enamel mug has got you covered.
    Karmik Outdoors 
    Karmik Outdoors protects your gear from being lost forever. 86% of outdoorsmen and women have lost valuable or sentimental gear. Chances are really high that you have lost or are going to lose something you value in the great outdoors. 76% of outdoorsmen and women have found lost gear. Chances are also really high that someone is going to find your gear. But, can they get it back to you?

    Our lost and found decals ensure your favorite gear is identifiable and therefore returnable. We get lost gear returned at 75-90% within one day of being found. People want to return found gear to its home, we give people the ability. Karmik Outdoors provides for you a 5 point return incentive program to ensure your gear gets home, no matter who finds it. Scan the decal with your phone's camera or go to to manually register your decal. Create an account so you can keep track of all your gear in your gear garage. Protect all of your favorite outdoor gear with our extremely durable decals and adventure on!

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