Our Mission:

Our Mission at The Camp Life is simple, we want to help people get outdoors. The adventure begins at the end of the roads you already know. Ready to reconnect with nature on a personal level by immersing yourself in its depths? Before you embark on your next outdoor journey, equip yourself with dependable gear and eco-savvy apparel designed for adventurers, explorers, backpackers, and camping enthusiasts alike.

About Us:

Located in Arizona's historic town of Prescott Valley, The Camp Life is a family-owned company dedicated to those who venture far from city limits every chance they get. All sharing the same zeal for the outdoors. We are a family that cannot be cramped, confined, constricted, or boxed in. We understand the desire to get lost, rack up immeasurable experiences, and indulge in the beauties of our planet earth. Surrounded by natural parks, wildlife and fresh air are where we feel most at home. We hope you find the same peace and happiness wherever it is you may roam. Head out to the backcountry prepared for all the expected (and unexpected) circumstances the outdoors can impose. Our products are meant to help you make the most out of that instinctive inner eagerness to steep yourself deep within the profoundness of wilderness.

The health of the environment at large is carefully considered in everything we do here at The Camp Life. As an eco-conscious brand, we abide by a 100% planet-friendly philosophy. We responsibly use eco-friendly water-based inks to print our tees, recycled materials to ship our products and do our best to make products with recycled plastics or without the use of PVC Plastic. Even the stickers we use are made of renewable wood with a plant-based adhesive!

In keeping with our credo, all shirts, bags, and accessories are shipped in recyclable zero-waste packaging. Better yet, we also go a step further by planting a tree for every order processed. That is right, purchases made here at The Camp Life support the reforestation and conservation efforts of national parks and forests from coast to coast.


Sustainability Efforts:


Our Packaging- New for 2021 we will ship as much as possible in mailers to limit waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • 100% Recycled and Recyclable Poly Bags
  • Recyclable Kraft Paper Mailers
  • Apparel is packaged in 100% Recycled and Recyclable Clear Bags
Our Products- We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our plastic intake. If we need to use products with plastic such as poly bags for shipping or apparel, we use recycled and not virgin plastic. 
  • Our Ink in Apparel is 100% water based and not derived of plastic
  • We use Nylon Ripstop Material in our Lynx Bags with a TPU Waterproof Coating (No PVC in these bags!)
  • Our Stickers are 100% ethically sourced WOOD 

How We Give Back-

We Donate:

Products with Purpose! 

5% of proceeds from every sale are donated to The National Forest Foundation. An organization focused on restoring burned and otherwise damaged forest landscapes, planting trees rebuilds healthy wildlife habitat, protects critical watersheds, enhances recreation experiences, and helps address global warming.

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