Our Mission as Outdoor Explorers:

Outdoor Explorers are on a mission to get outside and explore nature, visit new places, and experience the beauty of our earth. We educate, practice, and inspire others to follow the Leave No Trace principles to ensure our future generations can enjoy it as well.  

Nature Days

Nature Days are once a month. On this day, The Outdoor Explorers share their passion for nature on Instagram with a POST on how you explore the outdoors! 


Before Nature Day:

  • Explore the Outdoors and make a positive impact on yourself, another human, or even Nature!
  • Snap a photo or video of the positive impact you made. Exploring the outdoors is a release for many people so have fun with this!

    On Nature Day:

    • Share a photo on your personal Instagram feed!
    • Use Hashtags:¬†#outdoorexplorers + #thecamplife +¬†#natureday¬†on your post
    • Tag us in your post¬†@camplifecrate
    • Use the caption to talk about why you explore nature or talk about the importance of the LNT principles.¬†

    #NATUREDAY is always the third Wednesday of the month:

      • March 17th (First OFFICIAL #NatureDay)
      • April 21st
      • May 19th
      • June 16th
      • July 21st
      • August 18th
      • September 15th
      • October 20th
      • November 17th
      • December 15th

          The Program:

          Tier 1 (Everyone starts here¬†ūüôĆ and you can stay here forever if you want¬†ūü•į)

          • *10% commission¬†for every successful¬†referral on eligible items.¬†
          • 10% unique coupon code to use for marketing
          • Discount¬†code to purchase TCL Gear at a steep discount!
          • Must participate by posting for Nature Day each month on the designated¬†day.¬†
          • To be eligible for our Tier 2, a minimum of 3 referrals is required.¬†

          Tier 2 (More perks + some more responsibilityūüĎŹ)

          • FREE Gear! We have months where you get to CHOOSE your free gear!
          • Discount¬†code to purchase TCL Gear at a steep discount!
          • *15% Commission¬†for every successful¬†referral¬†on eligible items.¬†
          • 15% Coupon Code¬† to use for Marketing
          • Must participate by posting for Nature Day each month on the designated¬†day.¬†
          • A minimum of 4 lifestyle photos of the free gear in an outdoor setting required(Must be sent within two weeks of receiving¬†product) + 2 Posts on your Instagram Stories. (We may ask everyone to post the same story from time to time)
          • Monthly Rotation of Video Creation for Instagram Reels (Have fun with this!) assigned in Slack. Video must be 15 to 30 seconds long.¬†

          *Our Camping Subscription Box is not an eligible item for commission pay outs.



          The role of the counselors is to be there to answer any questions that our Outdoor Explorers may have, keep track to make sure that they’re having an easy time participating on Nature Days (give them some ideas!), becoming a part of the  community, and to be the best example of what it means to follow Outdoor Ethics! To become a Counselor, you must be in our program for at least a month and display a high level of leadership. Counselors also help the The Camp Life team to monitor the different channels within Slack. If your interested in becoming a Counselor, send a DM to Mike on Slack. 

          At the beginning of the term, Counselors will be given a group of Outdoor Explorer Ambassadors to keep track of until after their first successful Nature Day. These will be based on location to the best of our ability. 

          To contact a Counselor, reach out in the ‚Äú#help‚ÄĚ channel and one of our Counselors will get back to you!

          If you want to move up to a Counselor, please shoot a direct message to Mike on Slack!

          If being an ambassador no longer suits you, no problem! Just direct message a counselor or Mike in Slack or send an email to info@thecamplife.com and we'll get you removed from the program.

          One of the perks of becoming a Counselor is you get to host giveaways with us! We will select a Counselor based on performance and leadership every month. 

          Safety Guidelines

          Read these guidelines before heading out for Nature Day!

          1. You are most important.  Look out for yourself and your safety first! 
          2. Make sure you read trail guidelines and follow all safety guidelines before getting to your destination
          3. Don't overthink Nature Day, it can be anywhere! National Park, State Parks, a Local Trail....Just get outside and explore!
          4. Bring enough water!
          5. Pack a first aid kit.
          6. Before you leave, find out the weather report. 
          7. Beware when encountering wildlife.
          8. Pay close attention to your surroundings and landmarks

          Your safety matters to us!¬†ūüôĆ

          Exploring with others:

          Exploring the outdoors is more fun with others! While we do encourage enjoying the outdoors with other humans, there are some things to remember.

          Inviting others to participate in Nature Day:
          When you applied to be a Outdoor Explorer Ambassador, you accepted our liability form and photo release. That waiver is for you, the individual ambassador, and does not extend to others that may come with you or be invited by you. The Camp Life LLC cannot and will not be responsible for any person(s) who come with you to explore the outdoors for Nature Day or for any other activity. If you choose to invite others to join, including friends and family, you do so at your own risk. The Camp Life will not be held liable for you or others.

          If you have any additional questions, please email info@thecamplife.com.

          Leave No Trace 7 Principles:

          ‚ÄĘ Plan Ahead and Prepare¬†
          ‚ÄĘ Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces¬†
          ‚ÄĘ Dispose of Waste Properly¬†
          ‚ÄĘ Leave What You Find¬†
          ‚ÄĘ Minimize Campfire Impacts¬†
          ‚ÄĘ Respect Wildlife¬†
          ‚ÄĘ Be Considerate of Other Visitors¬†
          © 1999 by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics: www.LNT.org.

          Slack Videos

          Helpful Links/ Tutorials!


          What’s my ambassador discount code?
          You can find discount codes in Slack in the #annoucements" channel, it is pinned at the top! This code is good for 40% off at thecamplife.com for the duration of the term. There are two separate codes to use, each code can only be used once. 

          How do I redeem my discount code or get my free gear?

          To use them, you need to register an account here or sign in.  Upon checkout you will then be able to use the discount code assigned to your login. Please use the same email address you used to sign up for the explorer program.

          Is there a discount code to share with friends and family?
          We've set up a referral code program that you can share with your friends and family! Within this program, you get a unique referral code that you can share- this code gives the other person $10 off, and you $10 off when they complete a purchase! To find your unique referral code, register an account here or sign in. 

          What are the Nature Day Dates for the Term?
          Well you're in the right place! Scroll up towards the top and you'll find them. 

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